Grid Connection

Under German regulations the responsible transmission system operator has to plan, build and operate the grid connection from the connection point on the wind farm's offshore substation to onshore and over land to the grid connection point.

The AC power produced by the Nordsee One wind turbines is transformed from 33kV to 155kV on the Nordsee One offshore substation. The Nordsee One offshore substation is connected to the grid via the Dolwin Beta HVDC transmission link. This connection consists of two 155kV AC sea cables of length 7.5km running from the Nordsee One offshore substation to the Dolwin Beta HVDC converter station, where the power is converted from AC to DC. From the Dolwin Beta HVDC converter station, two 320kV DC sea cables45km in length and two land cables 90km in length transport the power to the onshore grid connection point at Dörpen-West, where the power is converted back into AC and fed into the existing 380kV electricity grid.

grid connection