The wind turbines have been placed on monopiles with transition pieces. Monopiles are steel tubes that are driven into the sea bed. Transition pieces, which carry the secondary steel elements such as boat landings, ladders and platforms that are required for the safe access and operation of the wind turbines, are then attached to the monopile foundation. The wind turbine tower has then been bolted to the top flange of the transition piece.

The design, fabrication and installation activities aimed to ensure a foundation that will provide stability to the wind turbines over 25 years in all North Sea weather conditions. The production of the transition pieces and the monopiles has started in spring 2015. The foundation installation activities has been implemented in the spring and summer of 2016.

foundationsMain Points of Design:
  • Transition piece/monopile connected via a bolted flange connection
  • Upper part of boat landing installed onshore to transition piece
  • Lower part of boat landing installed after monopile installation
Ambau has been awarded the contract to supply.

Geosea has been awarded the contract to install monopiles and transition pieces and to place scour protection for the Nordsee One wind farm.