Wind turbines in general

Offshore Wind Power Plants (WPP) built in the North Sea have to be very powerful and efficient and simultaneously need to be easy to maintain. Due to the long distance to the shore, the Offshore Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) have to be fitted professionally to withstand heaviest weather conditions.

At the Offshore WPP Nordsee One, 54 WTGs of Senvion SE 6.2M126 (formerly REpower SE) will come into operation. The WTGs will have a height of ~152 m over LAT by a water depth between 26m and 29m.

The Senvion 6.2M126 is a variable speed wind turbine generator (WTG) with a nominal power of 6,15 MW. It has a rotor diameter of 126 m and an electrical, single-blade pitch system. The Senvion 6M has been developed based on the qualities of the REpower products MD, MM, 3.XM and 5M and with a clear focus on "rough offshore conditions".

Furthermore, the Senvion 6.2M126 incorporates typical Senvion design aspects such as ease of maintenance; clear, rugged construction; generous and conservative design of the components and construction of the support structures to match the power flux and environmental compatibility.

2014 6M HD CrossSection