March 2017

First turbine successfully installed at  Nordsee One offshore construction site
  • Installation of first turbine completed according to schedule
  • All 54 wind turbine foundations, inter-array cables and the offshore substation were  installed in 2016
  • Commissioning of the 332 megawatt wind farm anticipated by the end of 2017

Last week, at the base port in Eemshaven, installation of the 54 wind turbines that will comprise the Nordsee One Offshore Wind Farm commenced: Two sets of wind turbines each consisting of a fully assembly steel tower, a nacelle and a pre-assembled rotor, were loaded onto the installation vessel “MPI Enterprise”, which transported the components to the construction site at sea located approximately 40 km north off the island of Juist. Upon arrival at the offshore site, the first of the two turbines was installed using the installation vessel’s own crane.

Pierre Lestienne, Managing Director (CFO) of Nordsee One GmbH explained: “We have reached this important milestone according to schedule and within budget. I'm really proud of this achievement. This outcome is the result of precise planning and efficient execution.”

The huge dimensions of the Senvion six megawatt-turbines’ individual components are impressive to behold: the nacelles alone weigh-in at approx. 335 tonnes and are equivalent in size to a detached single-family home. The nacelles (turbine house) includes for example the transformer, gearbox and generator. The tower itself measures almost 70 metres overall in length, and weighs over 240 tonnes. Each rotor blade is 61 meters in length and weighs approximately 20 tonnes.

Tim Kittelhake, Managing Director (COO) of Nordsee One GmbH added: “The team worked together hand-in-hand, so the loading of the first major components at our base port in Eemshaven, as well as the installation at sea, both went very smoothly. We look forward to installation of the next turbines, which will follow immediately. We plan to have all turbines installed and commissioned by the end of this year”

In April 2016 installation of the turbine foundations was completed. The substation was installed last summer, and the inter-array cable laying was successfully completed in September 2016. Once completed, the Nordsee One wind farm will consist of 54 wind turbines of the type Senvion 6.2M126 with an overall installed capacity of 332 megawatts. Nordsee One is owned by Northland Power Inc. (85%) and innogy SE (15%).

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