September 2016

Beginning of September SIEM Offshore Contractors GmbH successfully completed installation of the final inter-array cable at the Nordsee One construction site. This fully completes the planned inter-array cable laying works three weeks ahead of schedule.

In total, 59 inter-array cables will connect the wind farm’s 54 wind turbines to the offshore substation, configured in ten strings of cables with an overall length of approximately 70 kilometres – a longer distance than the length of the Eurotunnel, which connects the UK with Continental Europe. SIEM Offshore Contractors supplied, installed, terminated and tested the inter-array cables and associated accessories for Nordsee One wind farm in accordance with their contract scope.

The submarine cables have a diameter of up to 160 mm and a weight of up to 36 kg/m. A layer of steel armor wires protect the high-performance electricity conductors and fiber-optics during the installation and operational phase of the project. The cables were laid and buried using the new purpose-built cable installation vessel, the Siem Aimery. The vessel was supported by the Siem Moxie, which facilitated the transfer of personnel to the structures via a walk to work system.

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Copyright Image: SIEM Offshore Contractors GmbH