Operations and Maintenance

Nordsee One GmbH has chosen Norddeich (Lower-Saxony) as the base port for the Nordsee One offshore wind farm, for which it signed a long-term rental agreement with Norddeicher Schiffswerft GmbH. The rental agreement will be valid for the next 26 years and covers more than 1,500 m² for offices and workshop/warehouse.

Nordsee One Servicestation Norddeich

All wind turbine generators and the substation will be monitored and remotely controlled from the onshore control centre. In addition to the remote monitoring activities it will be required to use skilled and specially trained personnel for offshore works. These works include environmental monitoring, inspections, as well as maintenance and repair work. It is planned to employ in this innovative industry local staff over the long-term. Furthermore, the objective for the operations phase is to work together with locally-based companies to increase the local added value.

Unlike onshore installations, offshore wind turbines cannot be serviced and maintained at any time of the day or night. Waves, wind and weather confront the service technicians with completely new challenges. Good planning and excellent equipment in the form of vessels and helicopters are required to ensure optimum electricity production. In general very high safety standards and requirements will be implemented to minimise the risk of an accident in advance.